Introducing Hyper Source

Hyper Source is a trusted strategic partner, agile in nature offering transformative outcomes to our clients.

About Us

We believe in leveling the playing field for all sized companies when it comes to transitioning to AI. AI technology should be available to all and not just the elite largest tech companies.

We have a network of over 300+ highly focused companies in AI and hard to find core competencies. With Hyper Source you can transcend the barriers to entry.

Why Choose Us

Unusable Data

Disparate or Unusable Data

Many companies now have terabytes of structured and unstructured data, yet lack the ability to use it for insights and automation.

Time Intensive

Time and Resource Intensive

ML models are resource intensive and cumbersome. Many small companies do not have the capability to label data to train machine learning models.

Finding the Right Talent

Finding the Right Talent

Technical expertise is harder to come by and is getting costlier. Hyper Source has global partnerships to help close the technology gaps.

Outsourcing is Cumbersome

Outsourcing is Cumbersome

Outsourcing's antiquated approach and absence of controls is a heavy lift and costly for many organizations and their teams.

The Hyper Source Difference

The Hyper Source Difference is the immediate productivity gains by partnering with us in your journey to AI. We stand up and run highly productive agile tech teams within days with ZERO management overhead and Zero proof validation costs to our customers.

The Hyper Source DifferenceAILegacy NeedsPlatformSelf ServePlatinum ServicesInitial Discovery

1. Initial Discovery

We engage on a no cost discovery process to evaluate data sets and identify AI opportunities, in addition we also perform a cost-benefit analysis to identify legacy applications that can be Hyper Source to maximize ROI.

Initial Discovery

2. AI

Focused, experienced Agile Teams with specialized AI/ ML expertise to foster innovation and transformation.


3. Legacy Needs

Management of your legacy apps enabling you to deliver faster while increasing ROI for each dollar of investment.

Legacy Needs

4. Self Serve

An intelligent platform for self-serve small projects leveraging our Global Network of Providers.

Self Serve

Platinum Services

Strong. Durable. Always polished.

We deliver innovation by helping our customers unlock the potential of current data sets leveraging machine learning algorithms. We are passionate about technology and the power behind Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Your team ready in as little as 10-Days with our experts in the core competencies you require.

Rapid Deployment

Leadership of the team is located close to the customer and within the same time zone.

Trusted Leadership

One price per team. Accommodates any and all scope changes. No hidden fees. Competite pricing.

Clear Pricing

To confirm our difference in the market, we’ll deliver a single proof of concept at ZERO cost to you.

Proof Validation

Customer Testimonials


— Just want to give a shout out to the folks at Hyper Source. A simple to use platform to source projects and reduce our cost of sales. Outstanding support that helped us along the way. Good job and keep it up.

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